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Gamini Sumanasekera
03/28/00 3:18pm

I have written a mathematica code to do numerical integration. I import a data file containing about 100 data points and for each data point the numerical integration needs to be evaluated. I found my code takes several minutes for each point and for the whole data file it takes more than a day. Following is the essentials of the code:

theta1[x_]=-x NIntegrate[Log[R[y]/R[x]]/(y^2-x^2),{y,w0,w1}]/Pi

theta2[x_]=-x NIntegrate[Log[(R[w1](w1/y)^4)/R[x]]/(y^2-x^2),{y, w1, Infinity}]/Pi


we define w0 and w1

Can somebody help me to make this run faster. I mean not a day. Thank you.

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