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K. Cetin
03/21/00 4:57pm

I have another question with the GraphicsArray option...

The help index states that each rectangle (for each graph) in the GraphicsArray option is identical in size. Is it possible to change the size of each rectangle? If so, how? I tried the following and had no luck... it still gave me identical rectangles.

Do[Show[GraphicsArray[{{Graphics[Rectangle[{-1, -3}, {11, 11}, wave1]]}, {Graphics[Rectangle[{-1, -3}, {11, 6}, wave2]]}, {Graphics[Rectangle[{-1, -3}, {11, 6}, combwave]]}}]], {t, 0, 1, .1}];

Thank you.

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GraphicsArray Again K. Cetin 03/21/00 4:57pm
Re: GraphicsArray Again Henry Lamb 04/18/00 11:10pm
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