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09/25/12 09:07am

I made a cdf that takes the user input from an inputfield and graphs it. Does the cdf player support this?

I have tried the .cdf file in Mathematica and it worked when I modify the inputfield, however when I try it on the CDF player after I update the input field, the graph does not update.

Below is my code that I am using, and I have also attached the .nb

zline[fn_, zed_] :=
ContourPlot[fn == zed, {a, -2, 2}, {b, -2, 2},
ContourShading -> None, ContourStyle -> {Thickness[0.01], Red}];
cplot[fn_] :=
ContourPlot [fn, {a, -2, 2}, {b, -2, 2}, ContourShading -> None];
thrdplot[fn_] := Plot3D[fn, {a, -3, 3}, {b, -2, 2}];
planeplot[zed_] :=
Plot3D[zed, {a, -3, 3}, {b, -2, 2},
PlotStyle -> { Red, Opacity[0.5]}, Mesh -> None];
GraphicsGrid[ {{Show[zline[fxn, zval], cplot[fxn]],
Show[thrdplot[fxn], planeplot[zval]]}},
ImageSize -> 900] , {xval, 1, 3}, {zval, -zrange, zrange}, {zrange,
3}, {fxn, Sin[a] Sin[b]}, SaveDefinitions -> True]


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CDF InputField not working Mel 09/25/12 09:07am
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