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Sinval Santos
04/09/00 11:49am

In[1]:= ee1=(x^2-x)/h + Sin[Sqrt[(x+x^2)/u]];
In[2]:= ee1//Map[Apart[#,x]&,#,Infinity]&

Out[2]= x/h+(x^2)/h + Sin[Sqrt[(x+x^2)/u]]

In[3]:= ee1//Map[Apart[#,x]&,#,{0,Infinity}]&

Out[3]= x/h+(x^2)/h + Sin[Sqrt[(x+x^2)/u]]

In the two cases the argument in the function Sin was not separated. Because?
Map went until the infinite.

Sinval Santos

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Apart Sinval Santos 04/09/00 11:49am
Re: Apart Forum Modera... 04/09/00 12:14pm
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