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03/04/13 02:01am

In Response To 'Re: Extract function specification'
Thank you for the reply and let me try clarifying what I'm trying to do.
In myfun[tf_], I want the argument tf to be given as one of the Mathematica built-in analog filter transfer functions such as: ButterworthFilterModel[{"Lowpass", {wp, ws}, {ap, as}}, s]. So rather than specifying type of filter by introducing another argument in myfun i.e.myfun[tf_,type_], I would like to use the argument "Lowpass" already given in ButterworthFilterModel function. Maybe this means that the first argument of ButterworthFilterModel function needs to be unevaluated? If yes how would I do that?
The reason I need the type of filter is that I am writing a program that would calculate component values(resistors and capacitors)of a filter based on filter type(lowpass, highpass etc).
Thank you

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