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Hoon Jeh
05/15/00 11:08pm

My program needs to include a big Do loop as below.

Do {i,1,10}

<....>; ------ Main body of the program.( I need to do the same long calculatuions on different i 's.)
<more than 50 lines of command>

I already know how to use DO, For, While Loops in calculationg a short command lines.
However, I found in the manual that Do or Go''label'' could be used just in one command line, not in a block structures. Is it true?
If so, Mathematica should be an absurd programming language. I believe it should not. Please let me know
how I can make the structure of the program.

P.S.) When I tried to use a label ad Go command, the label located at the line far before Go command was not found by the program and I failed to make a closed loop.

Thank you.

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A Big Do Loop Hoon Jeh 05/15/00 11:08pm
Re: A Big Do Loop Aaron Honecker 05/16/00 10:23pm
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