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Henri Augusto
03/06/13 3:12pm

Hi, everybody, how are you doing? Fine, i hope =)

Say, i have a manipulate panel with some variables. Now i want to use the output of the panel (integer) in real-time so when i move the sliders, besides the panel updating, i want that other expressions that depends on it updating to. I've tried combining the Dynamic, Setting and the DynamicSetting functions in a big variety of ways but i couldn't to so.

Just to make sure i'm explaining it clearly, let me illustrate what i want to do:

var = Manipulate[a, {a, 3, 10, 1}]

So, it gives me the manipulate panel and then shows the number 3, the initial value of "a". But when i move the slider, instead of updating the value, it remains showing just "3".

I know this example is simple and i can do what i want with other methods such as using Sliders, but my code is way more complex and doing it in my code would mean writing it almost from scratch, so i must find some way of doing this using manipulate. If there's no way of doing that, well, then suggestions on which alternative way would be the quickest are welcome :p

Thanks very much for your attention,

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