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Johanna Pirnes
06/29/00 8:19pm

Dear Support,
I have a little problem. I'll do a program with Mathematica.
The Program's must solve a common 1. order differential equation y'=f(x,y) with initial condition
y(x0)=y0 numerically with Runge-Kutta method. Completed solution functions (NDSolve) are not allowed to use.
The Program functions:
You'll input:
-a function f(x,y),
-initial condition are x0, y0,
-s solution distance,
-length of a scale division

The Solution will be in that form, that you can draw a graph of it.

I don't know Mathematica very well, only basics, so it would be great, that someone could help me, how to get started with this program. Or where I can find more information of my problem.
Thank You!
Yours, Johanna

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Runge-Kutta Johanna Pirnes 06/29/00 8:19pm
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