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K. Cetin
06/22/00 07:37am

Sorry this is so general but I really need some help with evaluating complex numbers.

I am trying to do the following:

I am starting with an expression of the form...

[complex number (complex number - real number)]/[(complex number- real number) (complex number - real number) - complex number

1) I would like to solve this expression so that it is in a + ib format.

2) Then, I would like to convert this form into polar coordinates...r(cos[phi] + i sin[phi]) where r = Sqrt[a square + b square] and phi = arctan[b/a].

3) Then I would like to take the real part of the it would be only r Cos[phi].

I know the command for the last step is Re[]. Does anyone know the commands for the other two steps?

Thank you.

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