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joe bedard
07/20/00 05:39am

When I print my notebooks, Mathematica often wont print to the bottom of the page. Rather it inserts page breaks sometimes at 1/3 from the top of the page. Can I direct Mathematica to always fill a page before it prints the next page? If not can I get Mathematica to clear all page breaks and ask the user for manual page breaks only? Or how do I clear the page breaks and insert new ones. I found some useful stuff on this in Jan 2000 by Joachin Georgii and Aron Honecker but... My my work is in about 20 notebooks which are about 300 pages long, and I need all pages filled to comply with thesis guideline requirements.

Sincerely, Joe

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page breaks and file names joe bedard 07/20/00 05:39am
Re: page breaks and file names Aaron Honecker 07/20/00 5:48pm
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