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Von Whitley
07/31/00 8:30pm

I seem to be encountering a rather long import time on tab delimited data that I am trying to import into Mathematica 4

The files consist of tab delimited data of the form 1.45365e-08, etc. There are 7 columns x 100 rows in total, so the file is not really that large. Anyway, when I timed how long it took to import the file by using
Timing[data=Import ''c:\\data\\dummy.dat'';]
I found the time to import the data file was about 900 seconds. I thought maybe the file was in a strange format so I tried importing it into both Excel and Sigmaplot 5.0. Both of them imported the file in under 1 second. I then used Mathematica to create a simulated data set, saved it in Table format to a file, and then imported that data set. It also took around 900 seconds to import. I then tried a smaller file size...I think it was 5 columns by 100 rows. That took about 10-20 seconds. I then tried 3 columns x 30000 rows. That took around 30-60 seconds.

I'm currently using a 850 MHz PIII with 128 Megs RAM. I am running Win98 SR2 and have several gigs of free drive space. So, anyone know why it is taking so long to import data especially in the case when I use 7 columns x 100 rows? Secondly, how can I speed the data import up? Is there some trick that I'm missing?

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Slow data import Von Whitley 07/31/00 8:30pm
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