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Donna Taylor
07/19/00 07:09am

I am generating a huge table using the following command
This generates a 3 by 3 with long terms. But, I am trying to condense the subscripts down using the
following information:
Convert C[i,k,l,m] to C[n,q] where:
If i=k, then n=i, otherwise n=9-(i+k)
If l=m, then q=l, otherwise q=9-(l*m)
How do I tell Mathematica to do this?

An example: The first term should condense to C[1,1]*n[1]^2 + C[1,6]*n[2]*n[1] + C[1,5]*n[3]*n[1] + C[1,6]*n[1]*n[2] + C[6,6]*n[2]^2+.......

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Simplifying from 4 subscripts to 2 Donna Taylor 07/19/00 07:09am
Re: Simplifying from 4 subscripts to 2 Aaron Honecker 08/02/00 12:44pm
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