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07/31/00 8:16pm

Hello All,

I am using Mathematica Student Version 3.0 to solve for the eigenvalues of a 6X6 symbolic stiffness matrix. The only problem is I do not get a solution that makes any since.

Here is what I type:
Here is the result:
{Root[k16 k25 k34 k43 k52 k61-...bunch of terms.. + k33 #1^5 + k44 #1^5 + k55 #1^5 + k66 #1^5 - #1^6&, 6]}
The eigenvalue looks fine up until a full 5X5 matrix. I have a similar problem trying to find the symbolic eigenvector solution for a full symbolic 6X6 matirx. Any help, solutions or advice will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to use (dare I say) MATLAB if this will solve the problem. I realize the symbolic solution is not going to be pretty, but I would like to have a solution that is correct. Thank you for your help.

Jason Rupert

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Symbolic Eigenvalue Solution for 6X6 Jason 07/31/00 8:16pm
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