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03/09/13 04:06am

I want to solve a system of nonlinear equations like


where m is an external parameter on which the equations depends on.
As the equations are very hard, what I do is to explicitly fix m, above all, and then find a solution for that specific value of m (by FindRoot[]). But this is very slow and inefficient (and more specifically in my case, where indeed I have three parameters).

What I would like is an automatic method that studies numerically the solution for a discrete set of values ​​for m, that fixes it without that I explicitly change it from time to time. So that I would get all together the solutions for those values ​​of m.

It would be nice also that a similar procedure can be applied to the initial seeds for FindRoot [], since in my case I get several solutions changing the latter, and so there are different solutions for that value of m, and so similarly I would like to have all the solutions for a given set of initial seeds.

Is it possible to do such a thing? How?


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