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08/14/00 10:08pm

Hi all,

Please can you help me with a beginners problem.

I recently acquired use of Version 3 through an academic license and coming from Mathcad I'm a beginner with Mathematica.

Anyway, I've found the following problem.

On trying to input (or display) brackets in expressions I encounter the following problem:

When I try to type a left square bracket, ''['', I get an''@'' symbol

'' '' '' right square bracket '']'', I get a ''D'' letter

'' '' '' left curly bracket ''{'', I get a ''8'' number

'' '' '' right curly bracket ''}'', I get a ''<'' character

I'm sure that this is somthing obvious but it is very frustrating please can you help

Thanks in advance


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Bracketing!!!! william_Millar 08/14/00 10:08pm
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