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Damjan Bole
08/14/00 10:24pm


I have problems solving integral with this function in Mathematica:


Mathematica format:
\!\(\[Integral]\(Sin[x]\^5\/\@\(Cos[x]\^11\)\%4\) \[DifferentialD]x\)

Mathematica produces a complex solution using Hypergeometric function which is not what I want.

With Derive and manual integration (cos(x)=t) I get this(in Mathematica format):

\!\(4\/\(7\ Cos[t]\^\(7/4\)\) +
8 Cos[\ t]\^\(1/4\) - \(4\ Cos[t]\^\(9/4\)\)\/9\)

Why do I get complex solution instead of this much simpler result? Do I have to specify correct domain?


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