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08/23/00 9:44pm

Hi, I'm a new Mathematica user and have a question. My license number is L2977-7734
for student version 4.0. Please refer to the attached original file which was written to solve
a series of differential equations. I have several improvements that for the past week I've
been trying to make, but was unable to do and I hope you can help me out. I have managed
to solve these equations and generate the five plots that I was looking for. However, I want
to add titles to these plots and also make them look a lot bigger and more presentable by
exporting a list or table of data into MS Excel and regraphing them on Excel (eventually I
want to use them for my MS Powerpoint presentation). I used the ''Table'' function to try to
generate a table of data for each individual function (NA[t], NB[t], NC[t], etc....for {t,0,1.5}),
but it would not output a list of data that I can export. What I ended up getting instead in the
output was {NA[t], NA[0],NA[1]} so there was no list that I can save i!
nto another file for output. Secondly, I also tried to add in a step function. The Tj value right
now is set at -11. I want to write a step function that would set the Tj at 25 when t, which is
time in hours, is greater than 2 (otherwise, it remains at -11). Once again, I'm totally stuck
and I hope you can give me a piece of advice quick because I need to finished this project
by thursday, August 24. I really appreciate your help.

Jevon Hsiao

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