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Jay Ryan
09/06/00 9:33pm

I would like to keep a variable (numCustomers) totally undefined until I end up with a final formula like f(numCustomers). I end up with a formula at the end, however, the plot breaks. I am probably just not aware enough of how mathematica works.

I have issued the following commands:

numSunaPerCustomerAvg = 5
numIntrusionsPerDayPerSunaAvg = 10
numClonedPacketsPerIntrusion = 100
clonedPacketSizeAvg = 100
CDFPercentage = 0.99

numSuna = numSunaPerCustomerAvg*numCustomers
numIntrusionsPerDay = numSuna*numIntrusionsPerDayPerSunaAvg
numIntrusionsPerSecond = numIntrusionsPerDay/3600/24
dist = PoissonDistribution[numIntrusionsPerSecond]
CDFnumIntrusionsPerSecond = Quantile[dist, CDFPercentage]
CDFPacketLoad = CDFnumIntrusionsPerSecond*numClonedPacketsPerIntrusion
CDFBytePerSecondLoad = CDFPacketLoad*clonedPacketSizeAvg
CDFBitsPerSecondLoad = CDFBytePerSecondLoad*8
Plot[CDFBitsPerSecondLoad, {numCustomers, 1, 10}]

And get the following output:

\!\(80000\ Quantile[PoissonDistribution[numCustomers\/1728], 0.99`]\)

Plot::''plnr'': ''\!\(CDFBitsPerSecondLoad\) is not a machine-size real number \
at \!\(numCustomers\) = \!\(1.000000375`\).''

with a few more error messages after the first Plot error message.

Any ideas?


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PoissonDistribution Plot!! Jay Ryan 09/06/00 9:33pm
Re: PoissonDistribution Plot!! Aaron Honecker 09/07/00 2:25pm
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