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09/13/00 06:38am

I need help for relatively an easy problem;

I am solving the following system of equations:

Solve[{Lamda1 - Lamda2 == 0, Lamda2 - Lamda3 == 0, Lamda3 - Lamda4 == 0,
Lamda4 - Lamda5 == 0}, {x11, x12, x13, x14}]

and it gives me more than 100 solutions. However, I want to have only
positive ones. In this case, there is only one solution that all variables
are positive. In order to find out this solution, I am doing an inspection
by eyes. I wanna ask whether there is anyway that I can do the inspection
in the search of positive solutions only using Mathematica commands? That is, I just wanna pick positive solution(s) if any...


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postive solutions Mehmet 09/13/00 06:38am
Re: postive solutions Aaron Honecker 09/13/00 1:51pm
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