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Mike Cottrell
09/28/00 8:42pm

How do I do a polar plot? When I enter what it says under Special plots, I get no resopnse, not even an error message.
Specifically, it's an antenna pattern factor. It plots Ok in rectangular:
F = {Cos[\[Pi]/2Cos[a]] - Cos[\[Pi]/2]/Sin[a]};
PolarPlot[F, {a, 0, 2\[Pi]}];
The examples under SPecial plots imply, but don't say, I should turn on Graphics. When I type <<Graphics', it says it can't open Graphics.
ALso, how can I get a table of values from it, so I can plot it myself?

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PolarPlot Mike Cottrell 09/28/00 8:42pm
Re: PolarPlot Aaron Honecker 09/29/00 6:21pm
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