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Aaron Honecker
09/29/00 6:22pm

>I have a completely blank notebook. On that notebook I have one cell of style ''Text.'' Using the Options Inspector I can see that for Global, Notebook, and Selection scope the SingleLetterItalics property is ''False.'' At the global and notebook scopes the DefaultInlineStyle property is ''None'', which as I understand things implies that any new inline cell will inherit the properties of the surrounding text. However, when I create an inline cell, the SingleLetterItalics property is set to true. All I am trying to do is to type in chemical symbols (e.g. H2O) into the text cell but they come out looking funny because single letter symbols like H, O, N, etc. are slanted while double letter symbols like Na, Cl, Fe, etc. are not. Thank you for the help.

The Default Inline FormatType is by default TraditionalForm, which uses Italic style.
So you can either change the default form to StandardForm, or you can select the text and ''undo''
the italics.

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