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Casey Mann
09/29/00 7:05pm

Look at this:

f[k_] := (x /. Solve[6x^2 == k(3x^2 + 3x + 1), x][[2]])

This is just giving f the value of the second solution to the equation.

Now, type

IN: f[k]
OUT: ''some formatted output for the function f''

Make a new function

g[k_]:= ''copy the output of f[k] here''

Now compare:

IN: f[1] //N
OUT: 1.26376

IN: g[1] //N
OUT: -0.263763

See, what is happening is that g is giving the values of the 1st solution to the Solve output, instead of the 2nd as it should be!

I'm not looking for work-arounds for this, as I have already diagnosed the problem and the solution is obvious. I just wanted to point out that mathematica is doing something strange.

Casey Mann

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