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Kyung-Taek Lim
10/01/00 08:03am

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Mathematica gives different results for the same integrals, depending on whether I use x^2-1 or (x-1)(x+1) in the integrand, or depending on the integration variable.

In[1]:= Integrate[Sqrt[-(-1/(4x(x^2-1)))],{x,1,infinity}]
Out[1]= Sqrt[Pi] Gamma[5/4] / Gamma[3/4]

The next cell is the same integral as the above integral, because (x^2-1)=(x-1)(x+1). However, Mathematica produces different result.

In[2]:= Integrate[Sqrt[-(-1/(4x(x-1)(x+1)))],{x,1,infinity}]
Out[2]= -i EllipticF[ComplexInfinity,2]

Now let't perform change of variable.
If x=1, Y=0.
As x->infinity, Y->infinity.
Mathematica produces still different result.


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