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Thomas Probst
10/02/00 4:24pm

germany 10/02/2000


I'm a registered student (my licence number: L 45 26- 85 22). I've got a problem and I've been hoping you understand my terrible english, OK?

System:   Windows 98, Pentium 3 with 64 MB RAM.

Problem 1:

How can I change the fontsize (numeric discription ) at the axes? I'm meaning not the AxesLabel, OK?

Problem 2:

How can I get a very well print from my graphics (with correct size)? When I'm printing my graphics, so I get an print but it's not cponmletly. somtimes I get only a half or a quarter one. but on screen I see the graphic completly.

thank you and I wish you a nice week.

your Thomas from germany

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Problems with mathematica 3.0 Thomas Probst 10/02/00 4:24pm
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