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03/15/13 10:15am


could someone help me with the following problem?
I want to plot a intrinsic funtion as it is discribed in a book. I copied the code but it doesn't work the way it should. In fact it doesn't work at all. At least there is no error.

This function is supposed to plot the the function with the curvature "fun":

plotintrinsic[fun_, a_: 0, {c_: 0, d_: 0, theta0_: 0},
optsnd___, {smin_: - 10, smax_: 10}, optspp___] :=
Module[{x, y, theta}, {x[t], y[t]} /.
NDSolve[{x'[ss] == Cos[theta[ss]],
y'[ss] == Sin[theta[ss]],
theta'[ss] == fun[ss],
x[a] == c, y[a] == d, theta[a] == theta0},
{x, y, theta}, {ss, smin, smax}, optsnd]] // Evaluate, {t,
smin, smax}, AspectRatio -> Automatic, optspp];

And this is how I use the function. The code is also a sample from the book:

plotintrinsic[(# + Sin[#]) &, 0, {0, 0, 0}, {-18, 18},
PlotPoints -> 80];

When I run it there is no plot. I use Version 8.0 of Mathematica.

Thank you all in advance!

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