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Rick Hladik
10/15/00 08:36am

This is the clarification to a previous question which was unanswered due to lack of information
Please see the following example:

A is a 3 component vector

In:=A = Table[x^i, {i, 3}]
Out:={x, x^2, x^3}

B is a 3 X 3 matrix

In:= B = Table[Integrate[(Ai)(Aj),{x,0,1}],{i,3},{j,3}]
Out:= {{{1/3},{1/4},{1/5}},{{1/4},{1/5},{1/6}},{{1/5},{1/6},{1/7}}}
Out:= ''Argument {{{1/3},{1/4},{1/5}},{{1/4},{1/5},{1/6}},{{1/5},{1/6},{1/7}}} at position 1 is not a rectangular

This is not true! The matrix is rectangular.....This can be easily proven by simply typing in the same values for a
manually input matrix and then inverting it....the answer is:

In:= Use the matrix input for a 3 X 3 matrix with the values identical to the above


It is important that I understand the problem with the above solution.....Please reply by E-mail if you need more
information, Thanks....Rick

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