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03/18/13 09:40am


My inputdata is a 3x5 matrix. The rows are coordinates x1, x2, x3, while columns are the five different points in a 3d space. I would like to plot those 5 points in a 3d space. I do the following:

L2 = {{5.521325, 2.9042, 0.287075, 5.521325, 2.9044623}, {10.755575,
13.3727, 10.755575, 5.521325, 8.1381865}, {5.521325, 2.9042,
5.521325, 10.755575, 8.1387135}}

ListPointPlot3D[{L2}, PlotStyle -> Directive[Red, PointSize[0.01]]]

The problem is that I get not five, but many points in my plot. What do I have to correct in order to get the right output plot (5 points)?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

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