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John Leko
10/20/00 11:27am

>i have mathematica version 4.0, student type...
>in physics class we use version 3.0 and a package called mechanics, which includes functions such as ListPlot, Poly, and Coordinator.
>where can i get this package for mathematica version 4.0 and what is it called? (structural mechanics or mechanical systems?)
>thanks for your help

ListPlot is one of the built-in commands.

It would be difficult to tell you which package you are using. It may be something that was custom created! One way to possibly check is to open the Help Browser, and click the Add-Ons button. The window to the extreme left will list the Add-On packages Mathematica can find, including the names of Add-On packages like the ones you mentioned.

If both of these are installed, then check the various package names shown in the next window, against the ones you load using Needs, or <<.

Most Add-Ons written in a previous version of Mathematica will work with version 4. Updates for some of these are also available on the Wolfram Research website. See Products -> Applications Library then check the package title.

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