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Anton Jachim
10/19/00 2:40pm


I'm using Mathematica 4.0 for Macintosh.

I'm attempting to plot an irregulaly spaced data set. I've used TriangularSurfacePlot from the ComputationalGeometry package. This works , but I get the following precision errors:

Precision::''mnprec'': ''Value \!\(-2\) would be inconsistent with \
$MinPrecision; bounding by $MinPrecision instead.''

and this function runs VERY slowly (perhaps because of the error?) All of the data in the set is $MachinePrecision, so I have no idea why I get the error.

I've tried the ExtendedGraphics package by Wickham-Jones, from MathSource, but only the Mathematica 2.2 version is posted for Macintosh, and the included mathlink binaries sieze up and/or quit for large data sets >~3000. I've tried increasing their memory partions, but no luck.

What I really want is:

ListContourPlot[{irregulardata},ContourLines->False,ContourShading->True, ColorFunction->Hue]

Any Help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Anton

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Plotting irregulaly spaced data Anton Jachim 10/19/00 2:40pm
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