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John Leko
10/30/00 06:02am

>Is there any way to use SymbolShape with LogLinearListPlot? I tried using MultipleListPlot with Ticks->{LogScale,Automatic}. but without success. In particular, symbols tend to appear outside of the frame. The log part is also messed up.
>LogLinearListPlot works like a charm, but I need to plot black and white symbols instead of colored dots.

This one involves a bit of a trick. In order to define LogScale, you have to load Graphics`Graphics`. Try this:

In[1]:= << Graphics`Graphics`

In[2]:= << Graphics`MultipleListPlot`

pts1 = Table[{i, E^i}, {i, 1, 5}];
pts2 = Table[{i, 2*E^i}, {i, 1, 5}];

In[5]:= MultipleListPlot[pts1, pts2, Ticks -> {LogScale, Automatic},
PlotJoined -> True];

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