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03/20/13 04:46am

Dear All,

I report here a question (actually, two!) I have already asked on Google Groups' Mathematica support group, with no success.

I am currently working on degree distributions on networks, and

1) I need to produce histograms of these degrees (a list of positive integers) vs their frequency. Their distribution often follows a power law, so that I am required to scale these histograms in a log-log scale.

The problem is: I really love SmoothHistogram for the clarity of its output and for automatically normalising everything, but so far I have not managed to do the log-log scaling in it, which is instead pretty straightforward with a normal Histogram... Is there any solution that joins the two worlds profitably?

2) Finally, it is important to find the "slope" of the (log-scaled) distribution, i.e. the exponent of the distribution itself. I am still not really used to fit non-polynomial functions, and I'm quite confused by the many possible approaches, which is in your opinion the best (simpler and tidier) way to proceed?

Thank you all.

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