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10/31/00 07:56am

Thanks a lot for your help but it still doesn't work. The version went up to but still the Ctrl shortcut keys don't work. Strange thing is that it does work on my desktop but does not work on my laptop. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks you very much.

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From: Gee <>
Forum: student-support
Subject: Ctrl Key
Date: Wed Oct 25 00:33:40 CDT 2000

I'm a Mathematica 3.0 user.
I installed it on my lap top and the hot keys don't work. For example if
I want to copy something, it's Ctrl-C but it just doesn't work. Ctrl-V,
Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Tab, etc. all don't work. But the strange thing is that
Ctrl-F4 (which closes an internal window) works. Can somebody please
help me? what is wrong...

I'm a windows 98 second edition (Korean version) user and I'm on a lap


If you are using V3.0.1.x, try downloading the following
Mathematica FrontEnd.

This new file replaces the following file on your hard disk.

C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\3.0\Mathematica.exe

This new FrontEnd was developed to fix specific problems under Windows
but it may also provide relief for the problem you are seeing.

(* If you do not know the full version number, evaluate $Version
to get the first two digits and $ReleaseNumber to get the third *)

Tom Zeller
Forum Moderator

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