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Trong Lieu
11/18/00 06:20am

I am currently using Mathematica 3.0 for Engineering Circuit Analysis purposes. I am well aware of other existing packages designed for this kind of work. However, I have limited financial resource for affording those add-ons. Therefore, I will have to ask people how to get things done little by little as I go. Anyone who can help me with my questions would be deeply appreciated.

For the present, my question is ''How to describe to Mathematica a periodic waveform function f[t_] having a rectangular shape with different ON and OFF duration; a pulse function if you would like to call it?''

For the same matter, how to describe to Mathematica periodic waveform functions having triangular/sawtooth shapes.

Thank you for your expertise!

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Pulse/Triagle/Sawtooth wave form functions Trong Lieu 11/18/00 06:20am
Re: Pulse/Triagle/Sawtooth wave form functions Aaron Honecker 11/21/00 08:57am
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