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David Belisle
04/21/97 5:09pm

I am sure that this should be very easy, and that I am just doing
something simple wrong. I am trying to make a routine which makes
nscore/zscore plots (to determine if a list is normally distributed).
The idea, I think, is that if the nscores of the data are plotted
against the original data values, the result will be a straight line
(if the values are normally distributed). To do this, I found the
Mean and StandardDeviation (using the descriptive stats package),
and then made a table such as: pts=Table[{data[[i]],nscoreval[[i]]},{i,Length[data]}];
where nscoreval=Table[(data[[i]]-mean)/standarddeviation,{i,Length[data]}];
and then plotted it: ListPlot[pts]. When I did this, I'd always get
a straight line. Any ideas? Thanks, David Belisle

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