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Jason Wright
11/21/00 09:00am

Consider the function p[R_]:=Inverse[R].{x,y,z} where R is a 3x3 matrix . I would like to pass a list of say 12 3x3 matrices, for example the list t={R1,R2,R3,...,R12}, as arguments to p[R_] so that I can get out hopefully in list form the values {p[R1], p[R2],..., p[R12]}.

When I try this though with p[t] Mathematica apparently tries to send each 12x9=108 separate 1-D elements from t into p.

So how can I use 3x3 matrices as arguments of a function? I've tried to SetAttributes[p,Listable] without success.

Thx for your help

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