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hc greier
11/23/00 11:59am

Hello !

The problem I tried to solve for quite a while now is: How to create my own Packages and load it into the session.
I own the Student-Version 3.0, so the question is if ''own'' Packages can be done generally...?

I tried to save a little test-Package using File/Save As Special/Package Format, the load it into a new session, but it didnt work.
(by the way: I discovered Mathematica saved my Package inside some commet-brackets (* *), as I look to the Standard-Packages, there are also a lot of comments, but the ''Program'' itself has no bounding comment-brackets, AFAIK )
So, please, how to create/save/load in Packages generally??

Thanks for patience,


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Packages create/save/load... hc greier 11/23/00 11:59am
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