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11/30/00 3:13pm

I am trying to run a program that integrates a complex number. It is taking hours (if not days... I still have yet to get a result) for this program to run. Is there any way that I could simplify the equation (such as putting the Evaluate in a different position) so that the program will run faster?

The equation is as follows:

Move[{x_,y_}] := {Evaluate[Re[ (c i (Cos[w t] + i Sin[w t]) Integrate[(((Sin[ m Pi x0 /a]) (x - x0))/((x - x0)^2 + y^2)) (i k + 1/Sqrt[(x - x0)^2 + y^2]), {x0, 0, a}], y};

Note: The i's are imaginary numbers.

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