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Thea Murray
04/05/13 11:41am

This might seem like a simplistic problem, but for some reason I am really struggling to figure out how to do this, even after watching the videos and reading the documentation. I have very very little programming background, and to this point, I have used SAS to work with data for my classes. I downloaded Mathematica because it seemed like a better way to create quality visualizations for my data.

I have a data in an excel table that has percentages for a range of categories, further broken down by states, a region, and the nation. How can I create bar charts for comparing regional values to national values?

Any assistance, as well as any pointers to further resources would be so helpful! Thank you.

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using my data to create charts Thea Murray 04/05/13 11:41am
Re: using my data to create charts Bill Simpson 04/06/13 4:36pm
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