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04/06/13 09:32am


i'm trying to solve( read: get the NullSpace of) a master-equation in 6 dimensions ( a 6x6 matrix) where the matrixelements contain Fermi-Dirac- and Bose-Einstein-distributions (a lot of exponential terms). With a certain set of parameters it works well and with another set ( in my eyes an easier matrix) i keep getting the error:
"No more memory available. Mathematica kernel has shut down.Try quitting other applications and then retry."
I tried $HistoryLength=0 and but that didn't really help anything. I'm using a lot of FullSimplify, what costs a lot of memory but i don't know any other way to get usefull results.

Maybe somebody has other tips and tricks?

The attached file contains the matrix i'm trying to solve. It's not really a problem about programming, i'm just using functions from mathematica. The second matrix is the "easier matrix" and the third one doesn't work. I tried deviding it in 2 matrices but that doesn't work either.

The URL is a link to a paper wich I'm trying to replicate/improve.

Thanks in advance!

ps: I'm form Belgium so sorry if my Englisch isn't that well.

Attachment: appendix_Makov&nummeriek_3_niveau_2_wegen.nb, URL:,

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"No more memory available" 6x6 Philip 04/06/13 09:32am
Re: Bill Simpson 04/06/13 10:30pm
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