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Philip Edwards
03/21/01 3:52pm

I am using Mathematica v4.0.1.0 for windows on win98

I am having trouble importing eps figures into a notebook. When using the menu file import option only eps files I created using Mathematica can be imported. Others either appear blank or cause Mathematica to quit usually causing win98 to hang. When using the import cammand in a notebook directly it does not return a graphics object, so that the show command does not work. I have no problems importing jpg, gifs or any resultion dependent format that the windows version of Mathematica supports.

I have tried eps figures created using Adobe Illustrator, and also by printing to a postscript printer from Microsoft PhotoDraw and then including a bounding box. Using postscipt level one, two and three.

What is the correct way of importing eps figures into Mathematica notebooks?

Also when creating references, I could create cells of style Reference, and tag them. But there was no counter type reference in the create Automatic Numbering Object option screen. How are you meant to creat a numbered list of references that you can reference and link to?

If there are any help pages that I have missed that explain all this I would be very greatful to be pointed at them.

Any help greatfully received.

Philip Edwards.

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