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Mary A. Marion
03/29/01 3:05pm


I am in need of a good interval bisection routine to help me find the roots of ''difficult'' equations. I am following numerial recipes text in which they seem to do it in two steps. FIrst determine a number of intervals where the curve crosses x axis and then using an interval bisection program refine and output the root within the interval.

Is there anything already written in Mathematica to do this? I am having trouble with Newtons Method sometimes.
Are there any texts or articles on the subject that you can refer me to?

The function I am working with is
FindRoot[-1/theta + ( 2* Exp[-1/theta]) /
( theta * (1+Exp[-1/theta] ))==0 ,{theta,.55}].

Thank you. Sincerely, Mary A. Marion

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