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martin Bissinger
04/18/01 3:31pm

Hallo out there,
my name is Martin Bissinger;I have a list of datas: {x1,y1,z1},{x2,y2,z2},{x3,y3,z3},...
These datas bild a round field of that kind:

    x2,y2,z2    x3,y3,z3
x4,y4,z4 x5,y5,z5 x6,y6,z6   
x7,y7,z7   x8,y8,z8 x9,y8,z9      ....

The complete list contains about 4000 points.

Actually I show these datas with ScatterPlot3D and TriangularSurfacePlot that read the datas one by one - independent of the round datafield.

My question is:
Are there only these two commands (ScatterPlot3D , TriangularSurfacePlot) to show this datafield.
What about with ListSurfacePlot, ListShadowPlot3D and ListPlot3D? The last two commands are not useful, because they work wit Z-datas (my X- and Y-datas are not equidistant (as you can see in the attachment).
My biggest problem is the round datafield!!! I think a rectangular datafield is better to handle. But to transform the round field into a rectangulr field ist - in my opinion - too difficult.

Can anybody tell me what kind of options I have using the ScatterPlot3D and TriangularSurfacePlot?
What would you do to show my field of data?
Maybe there is another way to show my datas!?!
Can anybody help me, thank you very much,

Martin Bissinger
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work with 3-dimensional datas (x,y,z) martin Bissi... 04/18/01 3:31pm
Re: work with 3-dimensional datas (x,y,z) Henry Lamb 04/19/01 06:28am
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