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Bill Simpson
04/16/13 7:07pm

In Response To 'Re: Kramers-Kronig Mathematica code'
Here are some of what I see.

1: The first line of your data file has labels. That may not play well with the rest of your code. So I do this

column1 = Rest[data[[All, 1]]];
column2 = Rest[data[[All, 2]]];

to discard the labels.

2: Units and constants like your PlanckConstant have a questionable history, depending on version. Some versions want you to declare you Need the file of constants, other versions say you don't need this, but when I try them it acts like it doesn't know what the numeric value is ofr your constant. Some include things like Meters Seconds^-2. I'm guessing for your code it might be easier to just add

PlanckConstant = 6.62606896`*^-34;

to your code. That is what I did.

3: Mathematica, unlike some other languages you may be familiar with, doesn't like changing the values of parameters inside a function. You use omega as the parameter for output[], but then you use omega as your variable of integration inside your NIntegrate.

For example, if I do this

In[20]:= f[x_] := NIntegrate[3, {x, 0, 4}];

During evaluation of In[20]:= NIntegrate::itraw: Raw object 2 cannot be used as an iterator. >>

Out[21]= NIntegrate[3, {2, 0, 4}]

it whines at me because x has been changed to 2 when I called f[2] and there is no more x to use as a variable of integration.

If I change that to

In[22]:= f[x_] := NIntegrate[3, {y, 0, 4}];

Out[23]= 12.

then it is happy.

I don't know why you are thinking you want to use omega as a parameter but if I change your function definition to

output[o_] := 1 + (c PlanckConstant...

then it stops whining at me.

4: Now for the more serious problem. NIntegrate is expecting some sort of function, like x^2 or Sin[x]/x. I don't think it is expecting a list of pairs of numbers. But you are giving it lists of numbers column1 and column2. I don't know what that function is supposed to be.

If you can explain what your thinking is then perhaps I can figure out how to translate that into Mathematica-think.

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