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William Duhe
04/17/13 11:27am

Bellow I have a differential equation which hits a singularity at low values of t. What I want to do is somehow utilize the WhenEvent command in order to replace the last factor of the equation (2/t a'[t]) with 0 at low values of t in order to avoid getting errors. Is there a way to do this?

Here is an example of the equation and how I attempted to use the Whenevent Command.

q = NDSolve[{a''[t] == 1/2 a[t]^2 + 1/6 a[t]^6 - 1/4 a[t]^4 - 2/t a'[t], a[0] == 1, a'[0] == 0, WhenEvent[t < .1, a'[t] -> 0]}, a, {t, 0, 1}];

any help would be appreciated!

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How to remove a singualrity William Duhe 04/17/13 11:27am
Re: How to remove a singualrity Bill Simpson 04/21/13 10:07pm
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