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10/04/12 05:56am

I need to solve the following task.

For the production of n types of products P1, P2, ... m the type of needed inputs, C1, .... Cm, whose stocks are limited. The quantity of material required by any raw material for the production of each output and input prices of production are given in the table below:

   P1      Pn   Stocks
C1            z1
..      cij      
Cm            zm
Price   q1      qn   

How much of each product should be produced in order to gain maximum?
Mathematical model:
Denote by xi the quantity of output Pi
max∑_(i=1)^n▒〖q_i x_i 〗

∑_(j=1)^n▒〖c_ij x_j 〗≤z_i i=1,., m
Matrix cij, prices qi and stock z is generated randomly.

Please, help me!

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