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Catherine Bao
04/27/01 09:33am

Hi, could anyone help me on this?
I have two functions: Fun1[x1,x2] and Fun2[x1,x2] and the third function, Optimal is defined as: Optimal[x1,x2]=Which[Max[Fun1[x1,x2],Fun2[x1,x2]]==Fun1[x1,x2],''Fun1'', Max[Fun1[x1,x2],Fun2[x1,x2]]==Fun2[x1,x2],''Fun2'']

I would like to have Optimal[x1,x2] evaluated at each combination of [x1,x2] in the defined range and plot the evaluated value (i.e., either ''Fun1'' or ''Fun2'') in the x1-x2 plane. Does anyone have an idea how to do that?


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Plot "symbols" in a 2-dimensional plane Catherine Bao 04/27/01 09:33am
Re: Plot Henry Lamb 04/28/01 08:23am
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