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Ramon Lopez
04/28/01 08:38am

Hi! The output of my relativity simulations is a 3-D list of a field in a {r, theta, field} data list. I would like to plot this data as a 3-D surface but try as I might with all the options in the Graphics`Graphics3D` library I cannot do it.

It seems one needs the surface in cartesian coordinates for packages like ListSurfacePlot3D or ShadowPlot3D, but if I try the straight forward conversion using x=r*Cos[theta], y=r*Sin[theta] the resulting lists are not acceptable and the commands in question start spewing error messages.

Any help would be appreciated...

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Plotting a surface in radial coordinates Ramon Lopez 04/28/01 08:38am
Re: Plotting a surface in radial coordinates Henry Lamb 04/29/01 8:04pm
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