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Candi Hudson
04/30/01 10:31am

I am having difficulty plotting graphs that require an algebraic expression with ranges for a given coefficient. The problem looks like the following:

Plot[-0.5x^2-bx, {x, -1,1}, {b, -1,1}]

The response the program gives me is options expected instead of {b, -1,1} beyon position 2 in Plot[-0.5x^2-bx, {x, -1,1}, {b, -1,1}]. An option must be a rule or a list of rules.

I looked in the help section and in the book. I don't see anything on graphing algrebraic expressions with conditions.

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Plotting Candi Hudson 04/30/01 10:31am
Re: Plotting Forum Modera... 04/30/01 10:37am
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