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Jeong-Mo Yang
04/30/01 10:30am

I want to use the textstyle on the plotting graph.
I need the various text form on Axes and prolog etc..
But the given form of the mathematica is not the one that I want.
Also when I converted the mathematica file to tex file, some text form on the *.eps picture file are broken.
The textform ''bold'' on the following example was broken when I converted to *.tex file.
Also I want to know how to modify the *.eps files when converting mathematica file to *.tex file.


$TextStyle = {FontWeight -> ''Bold''}

ellipse = ImplicitPlot[x^2/9 + y^2/4 == 1, {x, -4, 4}, AxesLabel -> {x, y}, TextStyle -> {FontWeight -> ''Bold''}]

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TextStyle Jeong-Mo Yang 04/30/01 10:30am
Re: TextStyle Henry Lamb 05/03/01 06:24am
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