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05/05/01 05:29am

I am trying to plot a large list of {x,y} coordinates, with x ranging from 1 - 150 and y ranging from 1 to 250. I need the y-axis to have the tickmarks as follows:


I can get that far just fine, but the problem is that I need those tickmarks to be evenly spaced. So, in other words, I want the y-axis to have a logrithmic scale - base 2.

I've experimented with this, and have only been able to get this type of y-axis when I define it as a function of the x-axis. For example, the x-axis would go from 0-10 and the y-axis would be 2^0, 2^1, 2^2, 2^3, ... 2^10. This doesn't give me the x-axis that I need. I want the x-axis to be independent of the y-axis so I can plot the independent points.

As a frame of reference, at, there is a picture of a graph that has the x-axis scaled in this fashion, independent from the y-axis. That's not exactly what I need, but it gives a nice visual of the idea.

I'm spinning my wheels...please help...


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